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Long-term protection after tooth bleaching
For whitening or whitening preparations are usually used, which contain hydrogen peroxide (carbamide peroxide). They can penetrate into the tooth and split off oxygen radicals there. These are able to chemically alter dyes in the tooth so that they no longer appear in color. Teeth whitening agents should have a neutral pH so that they do not roughen the teeth and so do not promote discoloration.

Tooth discolorations differ from coverings in that coloring substances have been stored below the tooth surface in the enamel and the dentin and therefore can not be removed by tooth cleaning. Before bleaching, a professional tooth cleaning (PZR) is necessary to evaluate the tooth color. In addition, the whitening treatment can then act better on the tooth substance.

Why Dentcoating after Bleaching?

Freshly bleached teeth can be sensitive to sweet and sour. A temperature sensitivity, sometimes very painful, can be the result of bleaching. These phenomena can be sustainably improved with DENTCOAT BP.
By means of tooth whitening agents with a low pH, the tooth substance can be roughened superficially by the whitening. Therefore, one should always make sure that only teeth whitening materials are used in the pH-neutral range. It is recommended to apply Dentcoat after bleaching.
By bleaching the teeth minerals can be withdrawn, which can lead to both demineralization and the temporary degradation of the protein pellicle (protective layer of the tooth). Often more or completely covering, white spots are the result, which usually regress in the days after the treatment. Remineralization is performed by DENTCOATING by adding acid-fast crystallites to the enamel substance, which re-densify the enamel.
The color of dental fillings as well as veneers of dental crowns and bridges are not changed by the bladder. Therefore, it may be necessary to renew them in the visible area after bleaching. However, this would mean additional, costly expenses for the patient. With DENTCOATING, on the other hand, up to 80% of the cases can also remove soiling of the dental fillings.
Protect your newly acquired white with DENTCOATING, the ultimate protective enamel coating.


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