Dentcoat Care Zahnpulver ohne Fluorid

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Formulated to gently clean and polish teeth while freshening breath.

Natural ingredients to support the balance of the oral micro-flora

The ingredients are all natural without chemical additives, because we don’t want to put toxic residues into our bodies nor put toxic by-products into the environment.
Dry ingredients can better retain their potency without having to add chemical preservatives. As a result fewer ingredients been absorbed directly into the body via the blood vessels of the oral mucosa.

Dental care without danger of “toothbrush abrasion” for ultra smooth teeth – with shiny effect.

Micro-fine cellulose fibres give your teeth an ultra-smooth polish right into the interdental spaces. So, any new particles simply roll off tooth surfaces, plaque deposits practically cannot form. With a low RDA value of < 15, your teeth and Dentcoat surfaces get polished and not scratched. No matter how unusual it may be the first time: you’ll notice the smooth feeling on your teeth immediately! Not only can you feel the result, you can see it as well: Thanks to the polish, teeth get their own shine, as with any polished surface.

Top maintained implants and tooth preservation
Together with an inter-dental brush, Dentcoat Care tooth powder makes oral hygiene much easier for brace wearers, cleaning quickly and thoroughly even around the edges of braces and under the arch wires. Also for bridges, crowns, implants and other dentures.

Bleeding gums *, aphthae or inflamed gums * such symptoms have “disappeared” within short time after consistent changeover of dental care with Dentcoat Care tooth-powder.

Thoroughly acting tooth powder, which gently removes plaque and keeps teeth naturally whitened.

All natural ingredients
NO preserving agents
NO bleach
NO PEG’s and SLS
NO fluoride
Low abrasiveness
Gently alkaline
Whitens naturally
Good for allergy suffers
Main Ingredient:
Microcrystalline Cellulose: polish teeth and interdental spaces ultra smooth; Gently cleanses and protects against loss of enamel substance, especially at the tooth neck.
Additional important ingredients are:
Silica: fine abrasive particles of silica helps to remove soft plaque
Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate: is a surfactant (soap) that connects water with the loosened proteins and fats to flush them out while rinsing.
Magnesium Stearate: vegetable adjuvant which is used for powder production.
Natural mint flavour / Menthol: ensure along with stevia for a pleasant sensation of freshness.
Xanthan-Gum: is a polysaccharide used as thickening agent.
Stevia: is a natural sweetener, which ensures for a good taste together with the mint flavor and menthol.
Citric Acid und Natriumhydrogencarbonat: together regulate the pH level and stimulates the flow of saliva.
Eugenol: is part of the natural mint flavor – has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Coffee cup test: Mix tooth powder with a little water and polish the stubborn coffee stains away. You will see how simple spots disappear.

Studies have shown** that tooth powder can be more effective at removing plaque and stains than toothpaste.

* Ask your dentist when symptoms persist.
** Khan MK, Khan AA, Hosein T, Mudassir A, Mirza KM, Anwar A.
J Int Acad Periodontol. 2009 Jan;11(1):147-50.


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