Dental Ultra Cleaner

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The easiest way to remove tooth stains through nicotine, tea and coffee
Shining white, they should be; instead, teeth often have outer brown spots.
Tooth discoloration or dark spots on the tooth surface are usually caused by frequent consumption of black tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine or colored foods. The tooth surface is actually filled with thousands of microscopic pits and pits, and the dirt always manages to get into those many tiny pits

What can I do against tooth discoloration?
Good oral hygiene can help to reduce tooth discoloration, but is often not enough. The bristles of a toothbrush are larger than the microfine irregularities of the tooth surface and thus do not reach all deposits.
Quite different with the Dental Ultra Cleaner:
Equipped with a fine, microporous 3D structure of compressed foam – which can penetrate deeper into the tooth surface and easily and effectively absorbs the stains and plaque that normal toothbrushes can not get rid of. The Dental Ultra Cleaner consists of: a small plastic handle for easy handling and a soft 3D foam strip.
Experience the clean and smooth feeling of your teeth – after the first cleaning.

The only tooth cleaning system for allergy sufferers and free of chemical additives. Simply moisten with water.Download


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