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Prevention of white spots during orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic braces are the perfect solution for a healthy tooth position and for beautiful, uniform teeth. For every second child or adolescent, orthodontic correction is required as the permanent teeth gradually displace the deciduous teeth.

When wearing braces, it is particularly important to pay attention to regular oral hygiene, as there are many niches for food debris and debris. Dental care is very expensive.

What are common problems when wearing braces?

Teeth are particularly susceptible to orthodontic treatment for:

  • Caries
  • Gingivitis
  • Plaque often attaches itself to the metal parts of the braces and attacks hard to reach places
  • tartar
  • Bright, whitish spots on the incisors, so-called “white spots” are unsightly bright discolorations in the enamel layer. They are produced by the action of acid.

How can I protect myself from these problems?

  • Rinse mouth thoroughly with water before brushing your teeth. So already some solid food leftovers are solved.
  • Clean the tooth surface above and below the brackets and under the treatment arch.
  • Critical areas are the areas around the brackets. There are very often deposits set.
  • Recommended are Zahnzwischenraumbürstchen. With them you can thoroughly clean the areas under the treatment arch.
  • Also, use dental floss to clean the accessible interdental spaces. Then check again to see if the teeth have become completely clean.
  • Dentcoat OP treatment after inserting your clasp. As a result, a bio-repulsive tooth surface is created and the plague accumulation is largely reduced. 
  • Protects against descaling around the bracket. Dentcoat OP is used to protect the teeth, compact the hard tooth substance and coat the bracket and metal bracket to prevent deposits of biofilm and bacteria on and under the brackets and to prevent decalcification and discoloration.


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