Dentcoat P Basis Behandlung

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The ultimate mouthguard
A radiant smile – lasting plaque-free – how does it work?

Around 50% of German adults are affected by oral health problems without realizing it. With the natural aging of the oral cavity, the oral immune system gradually loses the ability to effectively combat pathogenic dental germs. Plaque accumulation increases and promote the development of periodontitis, ie the return of the gums. Through the inflammatory tissue degradation, the necks are free – the teeth are sensitive to pain and lose their strength. Although tooth enamel is the hardest substance our body possesses, it is not indestructible. Every day, our teeth come into contact with sugary and acidic foods that damage it. And even the wrong cleaning of the teeth ensures the wear of the enamel. In addition, the teeth lose their natural shine and discolour.

Dentcoat helps your health and is active against bacteria and periodontitis.

Everyone wants healthy and beautiful teeth. Tooth decay is the best known enemy of our teeth. But in addition to caries bacteria, there are also other risk factors. Especially a tooth germ, the Porphyromonas gingivalis, is very dangerous. He can colonize the heart valves in the body and there leads to a life-threatening inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). This inflammation can lead to cardiac arrhythmia in the long term and eventually trigger sudden cardiac death.

Gingivitis (periodontitis), which remains untreated for years, can make sure that the immune system is directed against one’s own body. It then comes to vascular destructive reactions. The coagulation process of the blood occurs faster, it comes to arteriosclerosis and heart disease, which often end in an infarction.

People who suffer from gingivitis suffer twice as often from heart attacks and three times as often from strokes as people whose gums are healthy. And the inflammation of the gums is not a rare disease. Periodontitis is a common disease that affects every eighth person !!!!

DENTCOAT: “Coat for the tooth”

What can I do ?

Go to a professional dental cleaning at least once or twice a year.
Protect your tooth surfaces with DENTCOAT P, because the antiadhesive effect of Dentcoat P changes the growth of bacteria sustainably, without killing them. Enamel is more resistant to tooth decay by Dentcoat. The ultimate mouthguard


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