Dentcoat WP 5er Pckg. 1 Einheit-2 Behandlungen 28 Zähne

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Natural whitening and effective mouthguard in one
With DENTCOAT WP it is possible to restore and maintain its natural and radiant tooth color. Even fillings and crowns and bridges shine in new splendor. Teeth may appear up to 3 shades after cleaning and treatment with DENTCOAT WP. The degree of lightening depends on the condition of your tooth.

DENTCOAT WP penetrates deep into the enamel and hydrolysis leads to the formation of Si crystals and a slow elimination of oxygen ions. These are able to change the dye molecules in the tooth so that they can no longer function visually. By crystallizing the hard tooth substance is compacted and gets its opalescence back. This becomes visible at the end of the treatment – lightening with a gloss effect!

A welcome side effect: the crystalline protective mesh leaves a firmer, more biorepulsive tooth structure that effectively reduces plaque. After the DENTCOATING you can eat and drink without any worries


DENTCOAT WP remineralizes your tooth substance and protects the enamel permanently and improves the oral health through Plaquereduzierung. Where less bacteria, as well as less periodontal disease and tooth decay.
DENTCOAT WP provides a unique opacity and gives your teeth a radiant shine.
DENTCOAT WP contains no hydrogen peroxide, no chlorine compounds or carbamide peroxide.
The treatment is suitable for allergy sufferers.
What you should know:

Teeth whitening for professional teeth cleaning does not last forever and depends essentially on the melt density, daily oral hygiene and the recommended, regular, professional removal of dental plaque. Neglecting these aspects, the beautiful, bright tooth color is quickly gone.
Dentin dyes determine the natural tooth color of a human. The enamel itself is transparent and the dentin with its color shimmers through. When acids from food have been released from the enamel during the years, the surface of the teeth becomes thinner and the yellow dentin is more visible.
In the porous tooth surface then dark pigments from coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine can penetrate deep into the enamel and accumulate. Also dyes from certain drugs, eg. As psychotropic drugs, appetite suppressants, blood pressure drugs and dehydrating agents, get through the blood into the teeth and lead there from the inside to discoloration.


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