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High bioactive action through interconnecting pores, high porosity and excellent osteoconductivity

The synthetic bi-phasic bone substitute material for more safety. Sinoss Graft is a phase-pure and stable bone substitute made of hydroxyapatite and ß-TCP. Sinoss Graft is an incomparably stable and spongy bone replacement material. The very good acceptance and biocompatibility is due to the open-pore interconnecting pore structure. This is identical to the biological constitution and corresponds to the physiological structure of the human body. The macroporous structure is ideal in its osteocognitive function and favors the ingrowth of blood vessels and nerves.

High porosity for safe bone regeneration

The macroporous structure of Sinoss Graft allows rapid cell migration for optimal absorption
nd substitution by new patient’s own bone. The macroporosity of Sinoss Graft offers a
ole interconnecting structure similar to the human bone and therefore provides an ideal environment for
in controlled bone growth. This very high porosity of Sinoss Graft allows fast bone insertion
within the particular pore structure. The equally high microporosity of Sinoss Graft with the structure
us HA / ß-TCP supports the transfer of important nutrients. The result: High interconnecting cancellous bone
structure similar to human bone, rapid ingrowth of cell structures and high volume stability.


Sinoss Graft is used in implantology, oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, periodontics and endodontics.

Implantology: sinus floor elevations, horizontal and vertical augmentations, peri-implant indications extraction alveoli

Oral surgery: reconstruction of jawbone defects

Maxillofacial Surgery: reconstruction of bone defects

Periodontics: intraosseous defects, furcation defects (I, II)

Endodontics: Root tip resections Endodontics: Root tip resections

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