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Porcelain collagen fleece
5 x 22×27 mm / Box


The highly efficient collagen fleece with the triple action principle for effective wound management for smaller soft tissue defects

High hemostatic effect, short-term barrier function and easy handling for reliable tissue healing:

SinossFleece is a resorbable collagen fleece with superior properties. It offers fast absorption and high biocompatibility, good hemostasis and easy handling to reduce conventional treatment problems. SinossFleece is the ultimate solution for effective soft tissue management: It promotes wound healing in conjunction with a short-term to 4-week barrier function. SinossFleece allows the control of bleeding, the stabilization of blood clots and protects the wound around the healing process
to facilitate.

1. Stabilizes the blood coagulum
2. Minimizes possible rebleeding
3. Promotion of tissue healing
4. Optimal handling for cutting and application


1. PH-level neutral; 2. Highly effective local hemostatic; 3. High adhesive properties in a moist environment; 4. Resorbable due to rapid degradation due to enzymatic reactions; 5. Easy to apply; 6. Stable in contact with blood and during use; 7. short-term barrier function of up to 4 weeks

Indications: implantology, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics

1. Smaller oral wounds

2. Augmentationsabdeckungen

3. Closure of Schneider’s membrane

4. Filling of extraction sockets

5. Biopsy sampling points

product specifications

SinossFleece is single, sterile packed and available in the following pack sizes:

SinossFleece 22x27mm 5 pieces per pack



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