The synthetic and injectable bio-active nanocrystalline bone substitute material


SinossInject is a unique, injectable, volume-preserving, paste-like bone replacement material for new bone extraction and controlled resorption. The homogeneous composition of the bone substitute material consists of 100% nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite and enables a high bio-active regeneration potential. SinossInject supports the formation of a new vital bone, maintains the volume and mechanical stability. The viscous SinossInject allows a defect-oriented shaping through the pasty material by simple shaping and shaping with very good bone contact.


1. Injectable, easy handling

2. 100% synthetic, absorbable

3. Volume & amp; mechanical stability

4. viscous and malleable; 5. sure

6. nanocrystalline bioactive hydroxyapatite crystals

7. osteoconductive

8. No washout effect

Indications: Implantology, Periodontics, Oral Surgery & amp; Oral surgery

1. sinus lift
2. ridge augmentation

3. Furcation defects (class I-II)

4. Extraktionsaugmentation

5. fenestration 6. Horizontale Augmentation

7. Implantat Dehiszenz

8. Osseous & amp; Intraosseous defects (1-3 walls)

9. Vertical augmentations


The product is stable for 3 years. SinossInject is a class III medical device.


product specifications

items amount Content per sales unit
SinossInject 1cc 1 ready to use syringe
SinossInject 3cc 1 ready to use syringe
SinossInject 5cc 1 ready to use syringe



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