AJ800104Sternenstaub Kinderzahnpulver ohne Fluorid

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Less is more!
Natural ingredients to support the balance of oral microflora

Andjana’s Children’s Powder Powder is made of natural ingredients without chemical additives, because we do not want to put toxic components into the environment. Dry ingredients can better retain their potency without having to add chemical preservatives. As a result, the substance has been orally absorbed in the body via the blood vessels of the oral mucosa. It is pH balancing and restoring. Our Children’s variety is not strong in flavor, but as effective as our original variety.

Cleaning & polishing with micro-fine cellulose; with low RDA value of <15 teeth get polished and not strached.

Moistening or binding agents and no more importantly, no water “A good dental care product contains no preserving agents, no germicides, no bleaching, moistening or binding agents and

√ Effective caries protection
√ Healthy gums
√ Free of fluoride, paraben
√ Free of SLS, SLES, glycerin, gluten
√ No aggressive abrasive
√ No artificial color & sweeteners √ Free of carrageenan, triclosan
√ Free of artificial antisepsis
√ Safe to swallow
√ 100% vegan


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