WMA1 Wangenhalter mit Absaugung/klein

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The WMA system ensures complete draining of the treatment areas and allows you to work alone.
The patented 3D adjustable system effectively removes saliva without the use of other absorbent aids. A central suction on the floor of the mouth with bilateral tubing ensures a continuous drainage of saliva. A flexible tongue holder also keeps the work area dry.

Complete exposure
The WMA system completely opens tooth bows for an unhindered u. dry field of work. Efficient use of treatment time with effective results.
patient comfort
The flexible tongue holder allows the patient to continue swallowing and thus promotes relaxation during the treatment.
Easy handling
The WMA system is easy to assemble, easy and quick to use. Available in 2 sizes and cold or autoclavable.

Ideal help with:
* Dentcoat – application
* Fissurenversieglung
* Brackets
* Whitening
* Veneer
* Restorations

WMA1: red for children or small mouth

Combined cheek and tongue holder

• Adjustable arc length
• Excellent soft tissue management
• Autoclavable up to 135 ° C
• Reduces bonding errors


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