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Tooth powder – the gentle alternative to toothpaste

Gentle and gentle on enamel and gums. Microfine cellulose fibers polish your teeth ultra smoothly into the interdental spaces. Plaque has difficulty attaching to noticeably smooth surfaces and is reduced. With a low RDA value, your teeth will be polished and not scratched. No matter how unusual it is the first time: The smooth feeling and the beautiful shine on the teeth everyone immediately notices! The result can not only be felt, it can actually be seen: thanks to the polish, the teeth get their very own shine, just like any polished surface.

“A good dentifrice needs no preservatives, no germ inhibitors, no bleach, moist and binder and no water”.
This was the original approach to develop a dentifrice for all tooth surfaces especially treated with Dentco tooth guard and to avoid any “adjuvants” necessary to make a water based (tooth) paste. Thus, fewer ingredients and active ingredients get directly into the body through the blood vessels of the oral mucosa.

1 box contains: 38grams and lasts for about 2 months, with 2xtual brushing

Natural ingredients – less is more.

Without preservative substances
Without bleach
Without PEG u. SLS
Without fluoride
Low abrasion value
Basically gentle
Of course, lightening up
Suitable for allergy sufferers
100% vegan

Main ingredient:
Microfine cellulose fibers:
Polishing teeth ultraglatt into the interdental spaces.
Cleans gently and protects against loss of substance on the tooth surface and especially on the neck of the tooth.

Other important ingredients are:
Silica – Silica:
serves as a cleaning body and helps remove soft plaque.
Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate – Amisoft:
is a herbal surfactant (soap) that combines the dissolved proteins and fats with water to flush them out while rinsing.
** “Glutamate” is not to be confused with the flavor enhancers used in the food industry – Dentcoat Care Toothpowder is glutamate- and gluten-free.
is a vegetable excipient used to make powder.
Natural mint aroma / menthol:
Together with Stevia, they ensure a pleasant feeling of freshness.

is a natural thickening and gelling agent.
is a sweet-tasting plant, which together with the mint aroma and menthol provide the good taste.
Citric acid and sodium bicarbonate:
regulate the pH together and stimulate the salivation.
has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, is part of the natural mint aroma.

** Glutamic acid is an amino acid, e.g. occurs in relatively large quantities in fish, meat and plants. However, the amino acid does not occur in isolation, but almost exclusively in bound form in proteins. In Dentcoat Care Toothpowder, no free glutamic acid is used, but a surfactant called Natrual Lauroyl Gutamatate. In this glutamic acid is bound to a fatty acid. Both come from plant sources. Thus the physiological effect of the free acid is abolished. Should some of the powdered tooth be swallowed, the glutamic acid would not be absorbed in the intestine, but would be secreted undigested. “


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